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Crowdshipping portal mShipper is all set to rewrite express logistics industry’s golden rules

Cyber Journal 24, June 16, 2016 By Nitten Gokhaley    “I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind transporting something for me. That’s what you do right? You deliver, no questions asked.” – These dialogues from the movie-‘Transporter’ triggered mShipper’s idea in its founder Ranvijay Singh’s mind. To put it in simple words, mShipper is a crowdshipping … Continue reading

111 Startups to organize event and guide entrepreneurs on-“why, when and how to invest in Public Relations (PR)”

Cyber Journal 24, May 25, 2016 By Nitten Gokhaley  A mixture of digital and traditional PR strategies can easily help startups to connect with a larger share of audiences.    A 28-year-old IIM graduate, Amit Munjal (name changed) organized events to promote rain-harvesting in three different villages that were facing water shortage in Maharashtra. He is … Continue reading

Even with minimal team, mentoring and funding, startups can achieve growth rate as good as 400 percent: NetaG’s developer Krushnaal Pai

Cyber Journal 24, March 12, 2016 By Nitten Gokhaley    The 26 year old techie Krushnaal Pai made it in the headlines during 2015’s second quarter because of his app NetaG that has attracted thousands of citizens, politicians, and social workers from Pune and PCMC areas.  Reviews written by app’s existing users suggest that it is one … Continue reading