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3D Printers Set To Revolutionize Fashion Industry

Cyber Journal 24, July 08, 2017 By Nitten Gokhaley  Sewing machines are fashion designers’ favorite tool since several decades, but this tool might be replaced with 3D printers soon. This year, several fashion designers have displayed their garments that were created using three-dimensional printers. Let’s take a look at some items which indicate a possible … Continue reading

Perfect 3D printer might still be few years away

Cyber Journal 24, April 14, 2016 By Nitten Gokhaley  Many industries are looking at three-dimensional printers with excitement and some are also looking at it as a threat. Engineers are slowly realizing that printers can print almost anything, from medicines, food items, to garments, and automobile spare parts. But some device developers themselves suggest that three-dimensional … Continue reading