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Even with minimal team, mentoring and funding, startups can achieve growth rate as good as 400 percent: NetaG’s developer Krushnaal Pai

Cyber Journal 24, March 12, 2016 By Nitten Gokhaley    The 26 year old techie Krushnaal Pai made it in the headlines during 2015’s second quarter because of his app NetaG that has attracted thousands of citizens, politicians, and social workers from Pune and PCMC areas.  Reviews written by app’s existing users suggest that it is one … Continue reading

111 Startups aims to empower 111 startup ideas and make them world class companies!

Cyber Journal 24, December 09, 2015 By Nitten Gokhaley  As pointed out by Harvard Business School’s Professor Gautam Ahuja, companies invent “idea” before inventing successful products or services based on that idea.  But, this idea would convert into successful service or product only if the entrepreneur behind the same gets appropriate funding, mentoring, and guidance.  This … Continue reading

Chemical Waste is Polluting Rivers in Maharashtra

Water pollution is causing considerable amount of deaths in Maharashtra. However, it appears as if these death figures are simply ignored by authorities and even the media. To put some light on the issue of water pollution due to chemical waste released by industries, Nitten Gokhaley recently interacted with RTI activist and social worker Sandeep … Continue reading